What Have We Been up to?

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The 2015 Werewolf calendar was an enormous success and we could not have done it, literally, without your support and enthusiasm. So first and foremost, we wanted to send a huge thank you to you, our fans!

Thank you!!!

So what have we been up to in the new year?!

Why, we are knee deep in making the 2016 calendar and have been since before the end of 2015. Why start so early!? It takes a lot of hard work and time to put together a calendar and even as we crossed the threshold to the 2015 calendar year, we had to start thinking about the next year already!

With that, we wanted to introduce the official artists that will be bringing you the 2016 Werewolf Calendar. We couldn’t be more excited about this year’s lineup if we tried and we hope you all will be as well!

Artists returning this year:

Khaosdog, Hillary ‘Rah-bop’ Esdaile, Rhyu, Tatchit, Dark Natasha, Kyndir, and Christy ‘Goldenwolf’ Grandjean

We also have a few new artists as well as returning artists who have participated prior to the 2015 calendar year! Please welcome:

Therese Larsson, SimulLhuinKatie HofgardH. Kyoht Luterman, and Luve

To wrap up this welcome to the 2016 calendar year, we wanted to share this sneak peek WIP of one of the pieces of promo art that we will be releasing this year.  Painted by the enormously talented: Lhuin


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