Welcome to the NEW Official homepage of the Werewolf Calendar

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We are excited to share with you our brand new digs! Welcome to our newly redesigned homepage for the official 2014 Werewolf calendar. With the new website we are also unveiling some exciting new changes for the calendar and most importantly, for our fantastic audience, YOU!

We have always wanted a more direct link to the pulse of the calendar, that is you! With that in mind, we have now switched to a wordpress run website, which means, we can now welcome you to interact with us directly. We invite and encourage you to leave us comments on published posts such as announcements, news, wip posts and tons more! We also hope to use this new platform to give you all more behind-the-scenes peeks into our process and the work it takes to make the calendar come back year after year.

Additionally, we are taking this opportunity to switch our old mailing list feature to an all new wordpress run subscription service. At the bottom of the page you will find a link to subscribe to this website, please take a moment to subscribe and you will be conveniently and directly notified of all new developments, news, and bonus content from the Werewolf Calendar via email.

That said, welcome all! We hope you all enjoy the new website and features and will join us for the ride as we embark into the untamed with the 2014 Werewolf Calendar!

Edit: We are still getting accustomed to wordpress so please excuse any dust while we test all functions and make sure everything works as it should. Feel free to submit any bugs you come across via our contact form  !

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