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2016 cover

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See all of the final illustrations appearing in the calendar here!

What You Will Receive With The 2016 Werewolf Calendar

This listing is for a 2016 Werewolf Calendar (the current calendar year)

Featuring 13 brand new enigmatic illustrations, this limited edition calendar is sure to delight any werewolf enthusiast. The Werewolf Calendar brings forward a fantastic new spin on the age-old myths and legends of the Werewolf and presents them in a whole new light. Each image is accompanied by an immersive fictional "fact" about werewolves, as well as an excerpt about the artist complete with personal behind-the-scenes commentary about the creation of each image.

Supplies are limited, and each calendar edition will never be reproduced again, making it a truly unique and collectible piece of Werewolf memorabilia. Embark on a new adventure to discover the animal within by pre-ordering your 2016 Werewolf Calendar today!

First 150 Pre-orders also receive 3 BONUS FREE Collectible items including:

    • 1 Brand New Limited Edition vinyl sticker by Johanna
    • 1 Limited Edition square magnet by Simul
    • 1 Limited Edition collectible art postcard featuring the art of Kyndir

Calendar Details:

Calendars are full color, 8.5 x 11 inches (11×17 inches when opened), 100 lb gloss cover, 80 lb gloss text inside pages. Each calendar comes shrink wrapped and includes a rigid cardboard insert to protect it during shipping.

Shipping Information:

Calendars are currently shipping! **

**We can only guarantee when the calendar ships and not when it is received. All orders come with standard shipping. If you would like to upgrade shipping or are purchasing a large number of calendars (4+), please email us at The Werewolf Calendar before placing your order and we will do our best to accomodate you.


  • Buyer is responsible for providing the correct mailing address with their purchase.
  • Due to past incidents regarding shipments to South Africa and China, we cannot guarantee delivery to these countries and are not liable for lost packages. Purchase at your own risk. 
  • Regarding shipments to Asian countries (including but not limited to Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and Russia): To help insure a timely delivery, please format your address in your local postal format and language. There have been cases of undelivered calendars and returned shipments due to addresses being formatted in English. 
  • The cost of the calendar reflects current USPS rates and are subject to change yearly as shipping rates fluctuate. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have further questions regarding our shipping policies, please email us at werewolfcalendar@hotmail.com

Interested in Purchasing a Copy of a Previous Year’s Calendar?


***Please note these listings are NOT for the newest (2016) copy of the Werewolf Calendar! Click here to see the latest edition!

Did you miss out on your chance to buy previous editions of The Werewolf Calendar or looking for a collectible piece of Werewolf memorabilia? We have a limited stock of previous editions remaining and are offering them to you at a significant discount! These calendars were limited to a run of 1000 copies and will never be reproduced in their entirety again.

Order now, supplies are extremely limited!



2015 Werewolf Calendar Back Copy

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2014 cover

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2014 Werewolf Calendar Back Copy

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2014 cover

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2013 Werewolf Calendar Back Copy

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2014 cover

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you offer combined shipping on multiple items?
A: At this time we do not offer combined shipping due to the weight and cost of shipping each unit. If you are are placing a large order (4+ calendars), please contact us at The Werewolf Calendar and we will do our best to accommodate your special situation! Please note, since Pre-ordered 2016 calendars do not ship until November, if you are also purchasing old edition calendars in a single transcation, that all calendars must be shipped in a single envelope for special shipping rates to apply.

Q: How long will it take me to receive my Calendar?
A: If you are placing a pre-order for the latest calendar edition, calendars will ship the first week of December. Back copies ship within 1-3 business days. Please allow at least 2 weeks for calendars to arrive and up to a month for international orders.

Q: Why does the payment show to be going to "Anastasia Korochansckaja" and not "The Werewolf Calendar"
A: This paypal address belongs to the Werewolf Calendar Manager Anastasia "Balaa" K. Please follow the instructions to complete your transaction as normal.

Q: Do I need a Paypal account to purchase?
A: No, the checkout process should show you an option to use a credit/debit card to complete your transaction.

Q: Can I pay by Check or Money Order?
A: Please email us at The Werewolf Calendar if you require special assistance to complete your order.

Q: Why is the price of the calendar different on Storenvy?
A: Shipping prices are calculated once you proceed to checkout via Storenvy. Have no fear, prices will be the same whether you place your order here or via our Storenvy!

Q: I wanted to buy more than one item, but Paypal took me to their page. How do I add more items to my cart?
A: When you add an item to your cart, you will be taken to Paypal’s checkout page. To come back to this page and add more items, click the “continue shopping” button on the Paypal checkout page.

Q: Why did the price of the calendar go up?
A: We use the United States Postal Service to mail all calendars and over the past several years postage cost, particularly for international shipments has increased significantly, as has the cost of shipping material. In response to these price increases, we have unfortunately been forced to raise calendar prices.

If you have additional questions, please email us at The Werewolf Calendar