Art Process Feature: Katie Hofgard

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One of the things we have wanted to do here at the WWC for a while now is to give you guys more insight into how the calendar comes together. Specifically, sharing more of the artistic process with you. With such a diverse body of artists, the process of how a piece comes together varies wildly. We thought it would be fun to take you along for the ride.

This week we are featuring Katie Hofgard’s piece for the calendar. You can find more of her work on:

DeviantArt and Tumblr.

Here is an inside look at how her piece for the WWC came together from beginning to the end! We hope you enjoy this touch of insight into the inner workings of the calendar. Our process for guiding the artist through the work aims to be minimally intrusive so that each artist can express their image of the werewolf through their unique creative perspective! Typically the process begins with the artist generating a series of small thumbnails to present to us and the collective pool of artists from which we help them choose the most solid thumb in terms of composition and concept. From there the artist goes on to generate a final polished sketch. After sketch approval we ask artists to check in with a work in progress and then a final submission.

If the images do not load in email please follow the link to the post: Art Process Feature: Katie Hofgard
old werewolves

elderwuff 03
elderwuff 04
elderwuff 05
elderwuff 06


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