Orders for the 2014 Calendar are currently closed. Please find us at Further Confusion 2014 on Jan. 17th through the 20th!

Welcome back to the official 2014 Werewolf Calendar. We are thrilled to announce our official artists for the 2014 calendar year are:

Balaa, Tess Garmen & Teagan Gavet, Dark Natasha, Jennifer Miller ‘Nambroth’, Kyndir, Vantid, Maria Anisimova, Nimrais, Sarah Finnigan, Tatchit, Christy ‘Goldenwolf’ Grandjean, Synnabar and Katie Hofgard

Over many centuries werewolf lore has continued to grow and endlessly expand into all realms of human imagination. From hushed stories told with lurching anticipation around the campfire, to printed fiction and finally to the silver screen, werewolves have captivated a very primal part of the human imagination. The werewolf is often seen as a dangerous man beast, a man corrupted by the temptation of his primitive unsecured urges, let loose to prey on his fellow man. This is the werewolf that undoubtedly dominated today’s popular media and while we here at the Werewolf Calendar embrace this vision with an open eager heart, this is not the Werewolf we wish to bring to you our audience.

We wish to bring to you instead the inner animal, an animal that is not unlike the human, harboring the same emotions and sensibility that man has coveted as being alone in having for millenia on end. Here is the werewolf that is regal, or that is bedraggled from his trials of survival, or adorned in ceremonial garb to celebrate his being, or that is wandering alone in search of something, or surrounded by loving packmates, or is engaged in a teeth gnashing territorial dispute, or at last howling fiercely at the moon beneath which both man and wolf were born together.

We hope you will join us in our journey to capture this spirit of the werewolf so that it may ever run wild in the wilderness of hearts untamed.


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