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Welcome back to the official 2016 Werewolf Calendar! We have been hard at work getting the 2016 calendar under way! Please stay tuned for updates to the website! In the meantime,  we are thrilled to announce our official artists for the 2016 calendar year:

Khaosdog, Katie Hofgard, Hillary ‘Rah-bop’ Esdaile, Rhyu, Therese Larsson, Tatchit, Johanna “Lhuin” Tarkela, Dark Natasha, Simul, Kyndir, H. Kyoht Luterman, Luve, Christy ‘Goldenwolf’ Grandjean

Over many centuries, werewolf lore has has grown and expanded endlessly into the heights and depths of human imagination. From hushed stories told to captivated audiences around a campfire, to printed fiction and finally to the silver screen, werewolves have captivated a very primal part of our minds. The werewolf is often a dangerous man-beast, unfettered by the chains of morality and law. He is corrupted by the temptations of primitive urges and preys upon his fellow man. This is the werewolf that dominates popular media.

While we here at the Werewolf Calendar embrace the dark vision of lycanthropy, this is not the werewolf we wish to show, you, our audience. Instead, we have a vision of the inner animal, one that resonates with our own humanity. Here, the werewolf is regal, adorned in ceremonial garb or torn down, matted and bedraggled. Here, the man-beast is a searcher — alone, or surrounded by the love of the pack. Here, he struggles amid flashing teeth in territorial disputes, and howls fiercely all victories and defeats to the moon. In this vision, we are no longer alone, for it is under that very moon that both man and wolf were born.